Saturday morning home demo in Seattle!

Reportback from Seattle activists:

This morning activists brought a wake up call and vegan donuts to the home of James McReynolds, a Senior Project manager at Skanska's Seattle office that is overseeing plans to build a new underground animal lab at the University of Washington. Despite the invitation to donuts and conversation about not building the lab, James would not come out of his house. But that didn't stop the activists from talking to him; they talked and chanted through megaphones, and many people came out of their houses to see what the noise was so early in the morning. photo(18)

Although the neighbors still expressed their support of the campaign against the new animal lab, some of them were not happy about being woken up by a protest. While we understand wanting to sleep in on a Saturday morning, we must remember that is a luxury that none of the animals in labs at the UW have -- and the UW wants to be able to subject even more animals to confinement, fear, and torture by building a new lab. For as long as Skanska waits to cut their contract with the UW, activists will be in James' neighborhood -- morning, afternoon, and night -- to speak out for all the animals that Skanska and UW plan to hide underground. And they won't just be at the house of James. Soon activists will be visiting the homes of other Skanska executives, letting them know that the pressure won't stop until the contract is dropped.

imagejpeg_0(2)If Skanska builds the new animal lab for the UW, thousands of animals will suffer in that lab every day and every night. That means we have to work every day and every night to make sure that lab is never built.

Be restless, be powerful.