Skanska Office Protest in Portland!

DCIM100GOPRO Portland Animal Liberation is continuing to keep the pressure against Skanska USA. Today was a fine day for a protest, with unusually warm and sunny weather (thanks to climate change...). About a dozen local activists arrived outside of Skanska's Portland office at 222 Southwest Columbia Street. Since the beginning of the No New Animal Lab campaign, activists in Portland have been consistently protesting this office for weeks. There have even been office disruptions. Needless to say, security presence has increased over time. At the last protest that we held, the building went as far as to hire outside security for additional protection. Today, we were met by building security who told us that we if we attempted to enter the office building, the police would come and we "would definitely be arrested." He apparently wanted to warn us. We told him we could handle ourselves just fine. DCIM100GOPRO The protesters then proceeded without a hitch, calling out Skanska USA, chanting loudly, and engaging the public (who were out and about on the streets, taking advantage of the sunny January day). The protest started around 1pm, around the time that office employees were returning from their lunch. Skanska employees had to pass us by as they re-entered the building, including both James "Jim" Link, the Executive Vice President/General Manager, and David J. Schmidt, the Northwest Regional Co-Chief Operating Officer (COO).

1a82246 Mr. David Joseph Schmidt! Man behind the curtain of UW animal abuse!


Being responsible for Skanska's operations in the region, Mr. Schmidt was the person responsible for securing and approving the contract for the UW Animal Research & Care Facility (ARCF). In fact, it his signature that appears on the contract. In overseeing Skanska's NW operations, David Schmidt needs to be held responsible for his company's endorsement of and complicity in animal abuse. The protesters made it clear that we know of the blood on his hands, and that we will continue to name and shame him until the contract is terminated.*  DCIM100GOPRO Our message to Skanska is clear: You can no longer hide from accountability. We will make sure of it. Whether at your offices, meetings, or even your homes, if you will not listen then we will take the pressure directly to you. The choice is yours.

*If you too would like to express your grievances with Mr. Schmidt, there's good news! He can be reached at the office! Please call and email David J. Schmidt, and urge him and Skanska to terminate the contract with UW. Polite, non-harassing, but high volume calls are key. Keep them coming. Tell everyone you know. Don't let him off the hook! David J. Schmidt: Work Email: Work Phone: (503) 382-0903