Another Los Angeles office protest!

Reportback from Southern California activists:

Activists returned to the Los Angeles Skanska office on Wednesday morning. Although they faced threats of citizens' arrest and citations from the cops and a pissed off grumpy lawyer from a neighboring office that shut down their rights to amplified speech, they were able to still create a loud message without megaphones. It was important to let them know that although they may suppress megaphone rights in an attempt to silence activists, they will not be deterred and keep coming back until the demands are met. Chants and speeches were carried out with strength and passion with support from pedestrians and honking cars. About 15 activists gathered to protest Skanska for accepting a contract from the UW to expand their primate testing facility. New faces appeared as more and more people are becoming invested in stopping this lab from being built. A new lab means more animals being tortured in the name of fraudulent science. We cannot let this happen so it is important to keep a consistent presence and let Skanska know that activists will not back down until they make the compassionate decision to not build a new lab. Los Angeles is excited for the National Week of Action coming up. The pressure is on, Skanska!

LA protest