Surprise nighttime home demos!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:

The day that the No New Animal Lab campaign made a call to action to intensify the campaign against Skanska and the University of Washington as the proposed lab site is prepared for construction, activists in the Seattle area showed an initial response by having two unannounced nighttime home demos.

The activists first visited Chris Toher's house, nestled in a fancy neighborhood that has a view of Lake Washington. Activists rang the doorbell of the dark Toher house, but once again Chris did not answer to talk about is company's contract to build a new animal lab. But he can't hide in the dark -- activists are exposing him and his company's bloody work, and last night that meant making some noise in his quiet, sleepy neighborhood. At the top of their lungs, activists called on Chris to cut the contract with the UW, and let him know that until then, they will be at his office and at his home, day or night.

The activists made it out of Chris' neighborhood just as police vehicles pulled in to it, and they then visited the Bellevue home of UW Regent Bill Ayer. His house was dark for the night as well, but the activists let Bill know that when someone votes to approve the construction of a facility for the torture of thousands of animals, they shouldn't get to sleep well at night. Like with Chris, activists let Bill -- and his neighbors who watched out their windows -- know that they will continue to make visits until the lab plans are terminated.

The UW and Skanska are planning to soon break ground at the site of the proposed lab. The site has been fenced, and excavation equipment sits poised to dig. Now is the time to up the pressure against the lab, day and night. None of us should be sleeping well.