A busy day for activists at Skanska's Seattle office!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:

SEA1Today began like many other Friday's at Skanska's Seattle office. Activists stood out in front of the office with signs and chanted for the whole building to hear about Skanska's bloody contract with the University of Washington to build a new animal lab -- and the need for them to cut the contract. They specifically called out Lew Guerrette, Dave Harrison, and Chris Toher for their roles in the lab contract and told Skanska executives to continue to expect activists at their offices and at their homes.

The activists then appeared to leave for the day...but instead they went around to the other side of the building and resumed the protest -- even louder -- there. People working on other floors of the building crowded at the windows to watch, and to learn about Skanska's plans to facilitate the expansion of animal torture. The protest concluded with chants of "We'll be back! We'll be back!"SEA2

...And activists were soon once again back. Awhile after the protest, activists returned to Skanska's office building to try to visit the office to have a polite talk with Skanska executives about the contract and to explain the campaign since people from Skanska refuse to come down to the protest to talk. The activists discovered that Skanska has put security measures in place to avoid having to talk to anyone about the work they are doing. A sign in the lobby announces that the Skanska office is now "secured access only," the elevator won't operate without a key card, and the doors to their floor are locked. They clearly are trying to hide...but they can't. The activists found a door under which to slide flyers onto Skanska's floor. Even the presence of flyers about Skanska's involvement in the lab seemed to bother them, as security soon appeared to check out the situation.SEA3

Skanska, you can lock your offices, but you can't hide from this campaign.SEA5