Biggest Skanska Seattle Office Protest Yet!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:

SEA1Activists gathered on Friday morning at Skanska's Seattle office for the biggest protest of the campaign at that location so far! Twenty people (humans plus a dog) stood out in the misty rain and chanted loudly enough for the whole office building to hear them; some people even came to their office windows to look out at the protest and give a "thumbs up." The activists called out Dave Harrison and Lew Guerrette for their roles in working with the University of Washington to develop the contract for Skanska to build the new lab. Because so many people were at the protest, the activists split into two groups and stood on opposite sides of the walkway that runs through Skanska's building and chanted back and forth so that the words "If you want some peace and rest, cut your ties with animal tests!" encircled the building.

Following the protest, several activists went inside the lobby of the office building. As a Skanska employee walked past them to enter the elevator, they erupted into chanting, "Skanska USA has blood on their hands!" The chants echoed through the lobby, and the employee surely carried the message upstairs with him. SEA2

The campaign in Seattle continues to gain energy. People are feeling the urgency to stop this lab as Skanska prepares the proposed lab site for excavation. Do what you can in your cities to pressure Skanska, and consider making plans to spend time in Seattle to be a part of the campaign at its heart.

#StormSkanska #MarchonUW