Three surprise nighttime home demos!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:

Activists in the Seattle area had a busy Tuesday night protesting at the houses of three people who are key players with the University of Washington's plans to build a new animal lab: Ana Marie Cauce (Interim President), David Anderson (Executive Director of the Health Sciences Administration), and Paul Jenny (Vice Provost of Planning and Budgeting).

HDThe activists started theĀ evening at the house of Ana Marie Cauce as the sun was still setting. They gathered outside of her house and chanted for her neighborhood to hear about how she has the power to push for an end to the plans to build the new lab -- but has yet to do so. Her adorable little dog watched the protest from the window. Her dog is lucky to live in a comfortable home and to be loved and cared for; dogs in labs are not so fortunate. The activists encouraged Ana Marie to think of her own dog and what she would do if they were to be in a lab...would she still be so slow to stop the construction?

As the sun went down, the activists continued to light up the dark night with the sounds of protests echoing through the neighborhood of David Anderson. David has yet to answer his door to talk with activists, but David can't hide from the pressure of this campaign and the UW can't hide a lab underground. As the chants carried down the street, neighbors appeared in groups to talk to activists about why they were there and to find out what David is involved in that would bring people to his house. They learned that David is a monkey killer, and pushed for the new lab that will allow the UW to torture and kill even more primates and other animals.

HD2The last stop was at the house of Paul Jenny, who was instrumental in convincing the UW Regents to vote to approve construction of the new lab. When activists arrived at the house, through a large front window they could see a group of people gathered around a dinner table. When the protest began, the people scrambled to close the curtains. But curtains couldn't keep out the sounds of the protest. At the top of their lungs, the activists chanted that "Paul Jenny has blood on his hands," making it clear to the neighborhood who was being protested. Several neighbors came out of their houses to see what was going on and to watch.

Day after day, Seattle activists are showing that they are not letting up the pressure. Night after night, they will continue to shed light on the lab plans that the UW and Skanska wanted to keep hidden.