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"What is scary in this world is oppression and injustice, when people hurt people, animals and nature. What is beautiful in this world is resistance, when people say 'enough is enough' and act. Oppression and injustice are everywhere, but so is resistance. Because some people know that if you fight you might lose, but if you don't fight, you've already lost."

~ Debbie Vincent

Dear Supporters,

The No New Animal Lab campaign has been very active and is drawing a wide base of support. In the coming weeks, we have #StormSkanska actions planned from coast to coast. World Week for Animals in Labs will be from April 18th-26th. We have a hearing in the lawsuit against the UW Board of Regents on April 24th. On April 25th hundreds will converge in Seattle and march on the University of Washington.

The campaign’s persistent pressure is not without push back. Effective pressure campaigns anticipate repression as part of the game. In some ways the quelling of advocacy actually provides a measure of its effectiveness. With that in mind, we take Skanska’s recent court actions against No New Animal Lab in stride. These injunctions and restraining orders are types of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs), intended to suppress grassroots advocacy through frivolous court proceedings. This is a desperate but predictable move coming from Skanska executives. SLAPPs are a corporation's best friend. Unfortunately for them it won’t work. Animal advocates will continue to protest Skanska until they rescind their contract with UW.

Yesterday was the first court hearing. The judge granted a continuance until Tuesday. At that time we will provide more detailed updates. One thing is certain--regardless of the outcome we need funding from supporters. Court costs, attorney’s fees, filing fees, and potential financial sanctions quickly accumulate within these legal battles. We were preparing for this day from the beginning, which is why we’ve been pushing our fundraising drive as of late.

Please make a contribution:

You’ll hear from us again on Tuesday with more information. Until then it is crucial that you continue to support this campaign. Get active for the animals that UW abuses for research. Join local efforts against Skanska. Meet us in Seattle on April 25th.

#NoNewAnimalLab #StormSkanska #MarchonUW