Seattle Protests Persist Unshaken

From Seattle activists: 

This week ushered in a new arena for the No New Animal Lab campaign to take on Skanska USA--the courtroom. On Thursday, NNAL campaigners and the National Lawyers Guild began a journey through legal proceedings between Skanska executives and a Seattle NNAL organizer against whom they filed injunctions. Currently the proceedings have been granted a stay until Tuesday, at which time we will know more.


The next day Seattle advocates assembled outside Skanska's corporate offices. They were unfazed by the events the day before. If anything, Skanska's attempts to quell opposition strengthened their resolve. New faces joined, the crowd chanted, and passersby lent their support. Nevertheless, there were suspicious people taking photos of the protest, likely attempting to gather more information on the campaign and its participants. Protesters remained focused on their goal.

Regardless of the outcome of these court embroilments one thing remains abundantly clear: Skanska and UW are trying to send a message to animal advocates opposed to the construction of the Animal Research and Care Facility. Pressure, persistence, and effectiveness will be met with counter moves--through private investigators, the courts, and the police. They want to inundate us with fear and intimidation. But we choose to remain unwavering. It is the animals to whom we answer--the ones confined in small cages, forced into restraint devices, and splayed onto necropsy tables--not the cartel of animal research which profits from their bodies, their suffering, and our silence.