Activists in BC Disrupt Lecture By UW Researcher!

From activists in Vancouver, BC:

On the morning of November 9th, University of Washington researcher Jeremy Duffield was scheduled to give a lecture about his research at University of British Columbia’s Biomedical Research Centre in Vancouver, BC.

One activist was able to get into the lecture by posing as an interested student and was able to report back to activists on the outside. Once Duffield began his lecture, five other activists were able to get up to the lecture room with masks and bullhorn hidden in a backpack and disrupt the lecture. Immediately, the host of the lecture series, UBC animal researcher Fabio Rossi, bolted towards the door and tried his hardest to push activists out. At the same time, two other men involved in the centre came up behind the activists and aggressively removed them from the building.

Once outside, researchers and others involved with the centre came outside and began to try and intimidate activists by filming them and taking photos. One researcher actually said to an activist that she “couldn’t wait” to see the activist “dying in a hospital bed.” The activist on the inside reported back that the chanting outside the lecture window was completely ruining the lecture and that people were struggling to pay attention, so activists continued to chant loudly for the next hour, ruining Duffield’s entire lecture.