Activists Protest BlackRock in Chicago!

From Chicago activists: 

Chicago activists met downtown on Wednesday to urge BlackRock to get out of the business of animal experimentation. We let them know that they should stop investing in Skanska, a company that has blood on its hands. Skanska is building an underground animal research lab, and BlackRock is one of Skanska biggest financial backers.

When we arrived, we were met by three security guards. We asked if we could go up to their office and they said no.  We asked if we could call them. They said we couldn’t call from the front desk but could call from our own cell phones, which we did. We spoke with a receptionist and left a message with her.

We had a good conversation with one of the security guards who said he believes in our right to free speech and asked us why we were out there.

We also had someone videotaping us the entire time. We assume BlackRock hired this person to videotape us.

BlackRock has demonstrated a callous attitude towards animal suffering. They have continually shut out advocates who seek to hold them accountable to their company's role in financing an animal research lab. Their silence will only bring more pressure against them.