Anonymous Activists Visit Homes of Skanska CEO and Largest Shareholder!

Received anonymously: 

"We visited the homes of two of Skanska's most powerful individuals in the world - Skanska AB Chief Executive Officer Johan Karlström and Skanka's largest shareholder and board member and well-known Swedish billionaire Fredrik Lundberg. Previously, Skanska AB, which is headquarted in Stockholm, Sweden, has stated that they wanted to stay out of the campaign to stop the lab, that they fully supported their US subsidiary, and support the lab. 

As Skanska's top global executive, Johan Karlström works closely with Richard Cavallaro, Skanska USA's CEO, who oversees US operations and the construction of the animal torture lab in Seattle, WA. He also owns over 300,000 shares in Skanska. We took a visit to his home, because even the most important corporate director is not untouchable. Mr. Karlström lives in a luxury apartment in Stockholm, at Styrmansgatan 45, lgh 1101. We let his community know that his company is involved in animal testing, left messages in chalk, and leaflets at his front door.  

After, we went to the mansion of billionaire Fredrik Lundberg. Lundberg is Skanska's single largest and most important investor, owning over 16 million shares through his Lundbergföretagen AB investment company, 1 million shares through private enterprises, and over 500,000 private shares. He is also the chairman of Industrivärden, Skanska's largest institutional shareholder. There's more! He is also on the board of Skanska itself! Mr. Lundberg is a key figure in supplying Skanska with decisions and money. 
He lives at the Villa Ekudden, Strandvägen 13, in Djursholm. His huge gated property overlooks the sea. We left messages for him and his community, and information about Skanska's involvement in animal testing.
Skanska's most powerful decision makers are also the most responsible. They need only make a phone call, and the construction of the animal lab would stop. Until that day, they all have blood on their hands!"