BlackRock Protest in Los Angeles

From LA activists:

Progress for Science returned to the Los Angeles BlackRock office for another protest against their investments in animal cruelty. With 125 million dollars in shares with Skanska, BlackRock is once again choosing to make money off animal suffering. A dozen animal rights activists took to the streets in downtown L.A. to chant, leaflet, and hold signs educating passersby about BlackRock's bloody ties to the construction of a new animal testing lab for the UW. Protesters were met with heightened security and a new camera-man named Mike Laduka who has been hired in the past during the SHAC campaign to stalk, harass, and endanger activists' lives. We were not deterred and continued with the protest throughout the plaza and in front of the BlackRock office. Police had no problem with the protest and had almost no presence, claiming to be familiar with these events and our first amendment rights. BlackRock can take all the measures they want to try and silence activists, but L.A. will not back down until they divest from Skanska and once and for all cut their ties with animal testing. It is time for BlackRock to find better ways to make money and leave the animals alone.