"Good Morning" Home Demo in Colorado!

Reportback from Colorado activists:

In the early morning on Saturday, November 14th, four activists gathered outside the home of Brian Stieritz, an Executve VP of Skanska. Upon greeting him with “GOOD MORNING” on the bullhorn, we let him know were back — as promised last month on Halloween night — because Skanska has not yet cut its contract with the University of Washington and continues to move forward with plans to build their new underground lab, where countless sentient animals would be tortured and abused if built. Activists chanted for about 20 minutes, then proceeded to leave, when several police cars pulled up and immediately demanded to see ID’s, with one cop even asking for the last 4 digits of our social security numbers. Cops insisted we were in violation by disturbing the peace, despite the fact that we were in compliance with the city code which states that between the hours of 7am-10pm, 55/65 db is permissible. (No warnings were given and the noise emanating from our bullhorns was not measured.) After several minutes of peaceful dialogue, we were all issued Municipal Summons. The two women being cited were also asked for height, weight, hair/eye color, and the two males present weren’t. It’s not uncommon for police to intimidate and harass activists exercising their first amendment rights. It’s normal for cops to side with neighbors and the people targeted at these peaceful demonstrations. And although having to go fight in court is inconvenient for us, it’s nothing compared to the unimaginable pain and suffering the animals experience every day of their lives. We will continue to go back, until Skanska’s contract with the University of Washington is broken. NO NEW ANIMAL LAB.