Lobby Invasion Against Invesco in Portland!

From Portland activists: 

After visiting the home of Michelle Gans of BlackRock, activists in Portland decided to turn their attention towards one of BlackRock's biggest competitors and another major Skanska shareholder--Invesco. Invesco owns over 2 million shares in Skanska. Like BlackRock, Invesco was once a target of the SHAC campaign for the shares it held in AstraZeneca. They are no stranger to the controversies and atrocities of vivisection, or the vigor of the movement against it. 

Wanting to keep these companies guessing, activists in Portland surprised Invesco with a lobby invasion at 1000 SW Broadway, home to Invesco's northwest offices. Carrying bullhorns, signs, and flyers, campaign supporters entered the large groundfloor lobby and quickly announced their presence to Invesco. The protesters continued to call out Invesco, throw flyers throughout the building, and chant until forced out by building security. 

Before the police could arrive, they were gone. But their message and presence was not. To Invesco: expect to deal with more disruptions of business-as-usual until your associations with Skanska and the animal research industry come to an end.