Make a Year-End Donation to Stop the Lab!

Dear friends and supporters,

Right now, animals are trapped inside of labs. They are bolted to restraint devices, injected with poison, cut open while alive and conscious, sit alone for hour after hour in a cold metal cage. They cry, but we can’t hear them. They convulse, but we can’t hold them. They lose all hope from their eyes, but we can’t see them. We cannot let the walls sever us from their struggle. We must work desperately to save others from the same fate.

The No New Animal Lab campaign formed to stop the University of Washington and construction corporation Skanska USA from building a new underground animal lab and sentencing thousands more animals to a life and death of horror--and the campaign needs your support.

Over the last year, the campaign has repeatedly made history for the animal liberation movement: 500-person demonstrations, national media coverage, the involvement of activists across the country and around the world, an inspiring lockdown that stopped work on the lab site for a day, banner drops and protests of many forms. We are now on the brink of the new year, and the next several months will be critical for an even more historic moment for animal liberation: bringing the construction of a new underground animal lab to a permanent halt.

We need your continued support and involvement to bring about this history. Early in the new year, people from around the country will converge in New York for a mass action against Skanska. The message to Skanska will grow into an undeniable demand that they must break their contract to build the animal lab. Skanska’s top U.S. executives will feel the pressure of the campaign in their own backyard. This will be the most important moment of the campaign so far.

The Swarm New York event will set the tone that will carry us further into the new year. It will be a year of showing Skanska that for as long as they continue to build the lab, they will be met with challenges to their reputation and bottom line. No New Animal Lab has already re-awakened the grassroots animal liberation movement and the campaign is poised to make history--to ensure we save thousands of animals from being buried in an underground lab.

See, feel, and hear the animals--even though they are far away, respond to the urgency to save them. Be a part of the No New Animal Lab campaign. Get involved in your city, converge in New York, do what’s needed to stop the lab. Together we can make history in the animal liberation movement by making sure that there is no new animal lab.

Please make a year-end, tax-deductible donation. Grassroots campaigns need grassroots support, and we must sustain No New Animal Lab through the new year. Donate to our current fundraising campaign now.

Thank you.