No New Animal Lab European Speaking Tour

No New Animal Lab is excited to announce the first ever No New Animal Lab European Speaking Tour! After more than a year of grassroots organizing and networking across the United States, the campaign is headed overseas for a speaking tour across Europe to network with and learn from some amazing animal liberation communities. We have also been invited to speak at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. We will discuss the state of animal liberation in the U.S. and how to build a transformative movement for animals rooted in solidarity and radical politics.

Tour dates and locations to be announced soon! Follow this Facebook event page for updates.

Presentation: Animal Resistance, Solidarity, and Liberation

Since its inception in late 2014, No New Animal Lab grew into the largest grassroots animal liberation campaign in the United States. Drawing from the history of pressure campaigns such as SHAC and built on a foundation of horizontal networking, tactical diversity, and radical coalition building and solidarity politics, No New Animal Lab has become the vehicle for the resurgent U.S. animal liberation movement after decades of repression and cooptation. This presentation will focus on this specific history and how it has shaped the organizing model of No New Animal Lab, and the campaign will serve as a case study for a more effective and uncompromising movement for animal liberation in the United States. This presentation will provide a lens into the current state of the movement, critiquing the internal and external barriers that we face and outlining a unique path forward to help realize animal liberation.