Seattle Activists Surprise Paul Jenny At His Home!

From Seattle activists: 

On Tuesday night, half a dozen activists surprised Paul Jenny and his neighborhood with an impromptu visit to his Queen Anne home. Paul is the Vice Provost of Planning & Budgeting at the University of Washington, and one of the key people in the development of the Animal Research & Care Facility (ARCF). The ARCF is really his baby, as he shepherded it from its inception to its development to its approval through the Board of Regents. In fact, it was Paul’s lobbying, along with that of the animal research industry, that managed to pressure the Regents to vote to approve the lab in a series of secret closed-door meetings at the UW President’s mansion.


Mr. Jenny is also UW’s counterpart to our beloved David J. Schmidt, Skanska USA COO. “Paul Jenny” and “David J. Schmidt” are the two names and signatures that appear side by side on the contract between Skanska and UW. They are the representatives of their respective institutions most responsible for the development and enactment of this animal torture and captivity facility, and together they agreed to the terms and are bringing this horrifying idea into fruition.

Activists surprised Jenny with megaphones while calling him out for his essential role in the ARCF and his unequivocal support for vivisection. They were there for 30 minutes and were loud, passionate, and unrelenting. And they were gone before any police arrived.

Seattle activists will continue to build pressure against UW leadership and Skanska executives. More and more cities are joining the fight while Seattle organizes in the epicenter.

Tell Paul Jenny how you feel:

Paul Jenny
Vice Provost, Planning & Budgeting
2534 8th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119