Seattle Disrupts Super Bowl Sunday for Animal Abusers!

From Seattle activists: 

Activists in Seattle know that they live in ground zero for the No New Animal Lab campaign. For over a year they have been bringing pressure to Skanska and University of Washington in order to stop the Animal Research & Care Facility (ARCF), slated to be built in Seattle's University District. In spite of these executives and officials being directly responsible for the development and oversight of this project, they still attempt to hide from public accountability. So this past Super Bowl Sunday, activists made sure that the message of opposition was heard loud and clear by both Skanska and UW.

The evening started at Paul Jenny's house. Jenny is the Vice Provost of UW, and basically the shepherd for the entire project. He petitioned the Regents to approve the project, despite their initial hesitation. While the neighborhood congregated to watch the Super Bowl, a group of 20 protesters arrived--bullhorns blaring and chants echoing throughout the streets.  

Protesters next visited Pete Maslenikov, Skanska's Project Manager for the lab. Pete oversees construction management for the ARCF, so his daily work includes facilitating the torture and death of thousands of animals. 

Both Pete and Paul were reminded that this campaign will not rest until they stop the lab. The opposition is growing, and it will continue to grow every minute that Skanska and UW attempt to ignore it.