Seattle lights up the night sky with #StormSkanska message!

From the Seattle area:

On Tuesday night, Seattle area community members lit up the sky with the message "UW + Skanska = Death Lab" to let people know how both entities have entwined themselves with animal torture and death in their plans to build a new underground animal lab. They held the light brigade message over I-5 near the University of Washington, so thousands of motorists drove under the display and saw it. The UW and Skanska may want their names in lights...but probably not in this way. But as long as they continue with plans to build a new underground animal lab, their names will not only be in lights, but also on protest signs and across news media - surely garnering concern with Skanska investors leading up to their annual shareholder meeting in April.

As Skanska's shareholder meeting approaches, people can participate in #StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances to make sure that the campaign against Skanska is on the minds of investors going into the meeting. From the night skies of Seattle to the shareholder meeting in Sweeden, now's the time to make sure that Skanska gets out of the business of building a death lab.