Special Black Bloc Visit to David Schmidt's

Received anonymously: 

A small group, clad in black from head to toe, made a surprise trip to Beaverton, OR, late Thursday night. David Schmidt, Skanska’s regional operations head, and his visiting family were likely sleeping off their Thanksgiving meal when they were roused by the sounds of sirens, whistles, and screaming chants outside their home.


The repeated stories of police harassment from the Beaverton PD, other law enforcement agencies, and private investigators are why activists decided to conceal their identities. There are ways to apply pressure to Skanska executives while flying under the radar of surveillance and remaining anonymous.


But before the Schmidt family could even gather themselves to call the police, the anonymous group was gone. Their message, however, was not — continued inaction from Skanska’s top leadership will lead to continued escalation of pressure and tactics.

Cut the contract.