#StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances!

Skanska’s annual shareholders’ meeting is approching on April 6 in Stockholm. All of the most influential executives, insiders, and shareholders from around the world will be in one place, with all eyes on Skanska. So we are planning a new week of action to coincide with this crucial time for the company. We are calling it #StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances. Get ready to be a part of it.

This week will broaden the No New Animal Lab campaign's focus to Skanska’s finances—investors, bank accounts, mutual funds, equity. The next phase in the campaign will be centered on applying pressure to Skanska’s market viability. We need to build leverage with Skanska’s Executive Team—based in both New York and Stockholm—to essentially tip the financial balance in favor of severing the contract.

Skanska just released their Year-End Report, which predictably outlined a poor year in their US market—marking steadily declining market value, share price, and revenue. This last quarter was better than the previous, but overall still marks a discrepancy with previous years in terms of economic performance. The US market is their largest market in the world, so this is a big deal to them. Skanska USA lost both assets and revenue through contract renegotiations, write-downs, and decreased order bookings, so they are a particularly vulnerable state with respect to shareholder opinion. Their financial investors are paying attention. Now is the time to convince them to drop the lab contract.

We need key cities on board to help. We will announce more information on how to participate soon, but mark you calendars and prepare to take action. Although the focus is financial, it still bodes poorly for Skanska to have a week of action against their executives and offices leading up to their Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. We're not letting Skanska's leadership off the hook, and they will need to answer to both their shareholders and to the animal liberation movement for their complicity. For more information on Skanska locations around the country, please use the Pressure Points Campaign Directory. Start preparing now--protests, phone and email blockades, letter writings, and other creative actions. Let's make this a week of action that reaches around the world. 

If you're interested in planning something, send an email to info@NoNewAnimalLab.com

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1537549443205963/