Visit to the home of a BlackRock executive in Seattle!

Over the weekend, people visited the home of Bryan White, the co-founder of BlackRock's Fund of Hedge Funds. Someone knocked on his door to talk with him about using his influence at BlackRock to convince the corporation to stop investing in Skanska and its plans to build an underground animal lab. White told the person that BlackRock doesn't have control over which companies it invests in -- which is interesting considering that last weekend Michelle Gans, Director and Investment Management Consultant for BlackRock, told Portland activists that BlackRock does have the ability to control which companies its funds own shares of and has created corporate policies regarding fund investments before.

People later returned to White's neighborhood to leave chalk messages on the sidewalks surrounding his house that called on him and BlackRock to stop investing in animal torture. BlackRock was a target of the SHAC campaign, and has now become of interest to the No New Animal Lab campaign...and has clearly been bothered by it considering the security measures they've put in place at their offices. If BlackRock wants to stop coming to the attention of the animal rights movement, they should figure out how to change their investments, even if that means creating new corporate policies. Until then, their offices and executives can continue to expect visits.