Solidarity with workers

Although this campaign employs pressure tactics against individuals of influence, No New Animal Lab does not endorse the harassment or persecution of low-wage workers, such as construction workers, drivers, tradespeople, receptionists, or manual laborers. Although they may occupy small roles in the overarching systems of animal exploitation, they are not the ones who are responsible, and they themselves may be marginalized, exploited, and abused.

We recognize that the structures, institutions, and industries that exploit animals simultaneously exploit and enact violence upon many peoples and communities, through the rigid categorizations of class, race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, citizenship status, or nationality. We will not support the sacrifice of one group for another, whether nonhuman or human. Such substitutions do nothing to challenge the underlying structures of animal abuse, and they only serve as distractions from the real offenders.

While workers may inevitably be impacted at protests or actions, they should never be our direct targets, nor should they be personally targeted. If this seems unavoidable, then we should question how we organize and reassess our tactics. We need to work in solidarity and not create unnecessary divisions.

The No New Animal Lab campaign is focused on pressuring those in power, those who occupy positions of influence, and those who profit from animal use, whether at the University of Washington, Skanska, or elsewhere. We encourage all campaign participants to follow these principles. Keep your eyes on the real targets.